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Z29-2- Groom suit for bucolic weddings

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This romantic look,  for groom, is perfect for weddings in the countryside, or outdoors, with an innovative jacket with pleats.


Jacket pinzas vintage

Americana de sastrería.

Trousers vintage

Tailored trousers

Bow tie vintage

Bow tie vintage

Shirt cuello camisero multibotón

Tailored shirt, 100% linen

Waistcoat vintage

Tailored waistcoat

Waistcoat solapas vintage

Tailored waistcoat 

Waistcoat pieza vintage

Tailored waistcoat 

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Elaborated with natural and noble fabrics we bet for the eco friendly in our creations, to care for the environment and a responsible social economy. All the designs are elaborated in our Atelier in Spain. Our garments can be used on other occasions and have more than one wear, which is another value of the brand. Slow fashion, responsible consumption, better quality garments with more lifespan.

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