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Groom suit linen

Manuel Pardo offers a linen groom suit and a silk groom suit for that special moment, a groom suit for weddings at the beach, with the style that characterises these events with an Ibizan groom suit, informal groom suits where innovation does not have to go unrelated to quality, patterns in suits with alternative designs, for that alternative groom, who wants to give his wedding a unique style, with his personality and essence, where he marks the dress code, and where the environment around him, in the countryside or on an island, requires modern groom suits. For grooms who want to dress with a casual groom suit but with a classic touch, the 100% linen suit gives that air to their beach weddings or country weddings, in white, beige, grey or blue colours including the off-white colour. It fits in this type of atmosphere, we mention the vintage groom suit as an option, with our linen groom suits, the 20’s style so fashionable in recent years. Those vintage groom suits, in bucolic and country environments, where nature calls for styles in natural fabrics, and an elegance not overdone, in pastel colours.

In our Atelier in Barcelona, with our groom suits shop in Barcelona and communion suits shop, we offer a tailoring service, of industrial sizing, with two-by-two sizes, which together with the arrangements and compositions make it as if it were a custom-made suit, with the quality of the tailoring in our Atelier in Barcelona, made in Spain, from the hands of our team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience, to provide the added value of quality and design, alternative and innovative, of our groom suits for outdoor weddings.